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„ECONOMY AND SOCIOLOGY”economic scientific publication,

„B” Category, peer-reviewed journal.


ISSN 1857-4130 (printed version)

Subscription index – 41886

Edition – 100 issues

Appearances / year - 4 issues in Romanian and English

The online version -

The theoretical and scientific journal "Economy and Sociology" was founded in 1953 by the Department of Sociology of the Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Political Science, Academy of Sciences of Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic.

The journal is a scientific publication in economics that includes scientific articles which addresses topics and issues related to economic and social development of the country. Article’s content corresponds to a high scientific level of the scientific journal with a "B" category. Articles have an original character and contain a determined novelty. Theoretical formulas are confirmed by practical calculations. The work is of interest to a broad amount of readers of the journal. Mandatory, the articles must indicate the differences between the author’s view and the previously published results.

"Economy and Sociology" - open access electronic journal

Open access to scientific findings is supported by international initiatives from Budapest, Berlin and Bethesda. The state policy in science and innovation is achieved under the Code on Science and Innovation of the Republic of Moldova, approved in 2004, which provides guaranteed access to scientific information.

Institute of Economy, Finance and Statistics supports Open Access policy and is committed to provide access to scientific publications from the institution, developed within IEFS research projects and financed from the state budget and sponsored.

Journal „Economy and Sociology" is declared an open access scientific journal and is an alternative to the publication and promotion of scientific results.

Basic strategies

  1. Publication of IEFS journals international registry DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) and other national and international databases.
  2. Implementation of a more efficient peer-review process to ensure the quality of scientific publications.
  3. Open Access policy requires the permission granted by the authors for distribution in open access of the articles published on condition that they will not be used for the purpose of profit.
  4. The policy will be applied to all scientific articles published by the authors working in the IEFS and enters into force from the date of approval at the Scientific Council of IEFS.

Open Access policy of the scientific journal offers several benefits to science and society:

  • Free access to reviewed scientific publications and access to research that are already funded from the state budget and the sponsored ones.
  • Increased virtual visibility for articles
  • Gives authors greater opportunities to spread their scientific publications worldwide
  • Increases both the visibility and the impact of published scientific works
  • Preservation and archiving of scientific publications
  • Copyrights compliance 

The review "Economy and sociology"
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The review "Economy and sociology" is declared scientific publication category "B" with OPEN ACCESS! 

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Un pas important în editarea anuală a revistei teoretico-ştiinţifice „Economie şi Sociologie” a fost mărirea, în a.2010, a periodicităţii revistei de la 3 la 4 numere anual.