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On April 29, 2015, the National Institute for Economic Research in cooperation with Inspiro Consulting organized the event of  launching of the project ”AGRIBUSINESS ASSOCIATION MODEL IN V4 COUNTRIES: A NEW PERSPECTIVE FOR MOLDOVA COMPETITIVENESS” financed by Visegrad Fund.

The event was attended by Mr. Victor Moraru, academician-coordinator of the Department of Social and Economic Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Mr. Sergiu Tirigan and Mr. Mihail Suvac - representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, members of agricultural associations, academic profile representatives from Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and scientists from the NIER.

Mr. Alexandru Stratan, NIER Director had a welcome speech during which was mentioned that NIER for the second consecutive year has been implementing projects financed by Visegrad Fund, which provides durability for the cooperation process between the consortium members.

Mr. Victor Moraru, academician-coordinator, noted the good results obtained by the National Institute for Economic Research in recent years as a result of the implementation of international projects. The success was due in large part to the combination of scientific and practical aspects that have opened up new possibilities and opportunities for cooperation. The experience of experts from Visegrad countries is proving to be a useful one, given that members of agricultural associations from Moldova will be able to take the best practices and subsequently implement certain development models.

Mr. Sergiu Tirigan, Head of Marketing and International Relations Department in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry mentioned that the project is synergistic with the current priorities of the MAFI and the research conducted within the NIER represent a genuine scientific support for MAFI activities. Mr. Tirigan reiterated the MAFI’s support for the implemented project and emphasied the necessity of an open dialogue with NIER.

Mr. Dumitru Stratan summarized the main stages of the project, its purpose and objectives, and the potential deliverables of the project have been highlighted.

The second part of the event had an informative character, expressed in the form of a workshop in which different aspects of farmers associations in the Visegrad countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) have been addressed. The presented reports are of a particular interest for Moldovan agricultural associations and the academic research community.