Project "Comprehensive support of population statistics and demography developments in Moldova"
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Project "Comprehensive support of population statistics and demography developments in Moldova"


The Center of Demographical Research, National Institute for Economic Researches

In Moldova, the project "Comprehensive support of population statistics and demography developments in Moldova" was implemented by the end of 2013 year. The project is working by agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of the Czech Republic on cooperation for development, signed in Chisinau, November 23, 2012, ratified by the Law no.9 from February 22, 2013.

The Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, implements the project and the coordinator of project is Dr. Tomáš Kučera, Department of Department of Demography and Geodemography.

Beneficiaries and project execution in Moldova are National Institute for Economic Research (Center of Demographical Research), Moldova State University, the National Bureau for Statistics of the Republic of Moldova and Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. The project is planned for the period 01.11.2013-31.12.2015.

The project per se focuses on a comprehensive support of demographic knowledge development and its application in practice, especially in the sphere of public administration, through technical assistance in several key areas, namely in:

  • collection and processing data from Census 2014 as well current demographic statistics, and making it easily available to wider public and decision-making practice;
  • improvement of the current system of collecting, processing and distribution of basic demographic data and other analytical and predictive information on Population and Development in the Republic of Moldova and its testing in practice within a pilot project.
  • material and professional development of the newly established Center of Demographical Research of National Institute for Economic Research and support of basic and applied demographic research in Moldova; to ensure access to information, primary statistical sources and demographic literature required to carry out research and deepening their international contacts;
  • systematic preparation of national experts through higher education and lifelong learning programs at selected universities.

With the start of the project, the Center of Demographical Research has been equipped with necessary communication and presentation technologies, software, as well as with a scientific laboratory and necessary literature. In frame of the project, an open access to the electronic sources Ebrary (an online digital library of full texts of over 70,000 scholarly e-books: was assured for the researchers from the National Institute of Economic Research.