High appreciation for NIER’s scientific researchers, which received 3 medals within EUROINVENT 2017
Views: 1972 / Published: 8-06-2017, 12:38

At The EUROINVENT 2017, an event that took place in Iaşi, Romania, on May 25-27, 2017, NIER’s scientific researchers received three medals and diplomas in several categories, such as:

  •  „Econometric modeling of financing of innovational activity in Moldova”. (Ganea Victoria, Stratan Alexandru) – Bronze Medal.
  • „Evaluating opportunities to implement”. Chapter: Innovative business venture in Republic of Moldova. (Ganea Victoria, Stratan Alexandru)- Silver Medal.
  • „Enhancing the role of innovation in Business growth through the efficient use of budgetary allocations in science and innovation in Republic of Moldova”. (Ganea Victoria, Stratan Alexandru)- Bronze Medal.

It is a great appreciation and we also want for the future to have such beautiful results recognized both nationally and internationally.