Round table ”Benefitting From EU Open Market: SMEs Practical Guide to DCFTA Learning from Experience of Latvia”
Views: 7274 / Published: 12-07-2017, 09:44

On July 5, 2017, Mr. Valentin Ciubotaru director of the NGO BIOS  together with Vladislav Boldurat, scientific researcher at the National Institute for Economic Research participated at the round table in the framework of the project ”Benefitting From EU Open MarketSMEs Practical Guide to DCFTA Learning from Experience of Latvia”. Venue of the round table – Tbilisi, Georgia. Representatives of Moldova have had two presentations: ”DCFTA in Moldova” submitted by phd. Valentin Ciubotaru and ”SMEs support policy in Republic of Moldova”, submitted by Vladislav Boldurat. The event was attended by representatives of Georgian public bodies and experts delegated from Latvia and Azerbaijan.

It is need to mention that in the framework of the round table there were discussed the practical aspects of the agreement of the DCFTA for SMES and the experience of the implementation of the programmes of the DCFTA in the partner countries, as well.