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scientific-theoretical journal, founded in 1953


The Editorial Complex of NIER was created simultaneously with the registration of the Institute of Economy, Finance and Statistics (now the National Institute for Economic Research) on 27 June 2006.

The main activity: to publish periodicals and non-scheduled publications which include scientific and analytical information, other materials and scientific-theoretical works, mainly monographs, studies for science popularization, etc., based on the demand and the domestic needs of the Institute. The entire editorial activity is coordinated by the editor of the EC.

All of the non-periodical publications of NIER are listed in the National Register (ISBN, CZU) of the National Book Chamber and the magazines are recorded (ISSN) and recognized as scientific publications by the CNAA.






One of the main activities of the EC is the editing of the scientific-theoretical journal "Economy and Sociology" with a periodicity of four numbers each year, being approved by the international standards for scientific journals. Scientific-theoretical journal "Economy and Sociology" was founded in 1953.

That specified edition is listed in the National Register ISSN from the National Book Chamber ISSN 1857-4130. According to the decision of the Supreme Attestation Commission of CNAA, journal “Economy and Sociology” is recognized as scientific publications in the field of “B” category. Since 2011, the theoretical scientific journal Economy and Sociology is being edited into 2 languages ​​(Romanian and English) and beginning with 2013, it started to be indexed in international databases.


Dear colleagues!
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          The deadline for submitting articles is:
               no. 1 – to 1 January
               no. 2 – to 30 April
               no. 3 – to 31 July
               no. 4 – to 31 October

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